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If you currently use our service to power your application(s) as many of you do contact us at remove [at] and let's start a dialogue, thanks! Keeping You Spam Free | 1,504,006 Spammers and Counting is an internet resource for those looking to; clean up spam, protect themselves from scams, protect their forum, manage a email blacklist, stay updated on internet security, and more. offers many free service that most companies charge for. Our mission is to decimate the spammers. Please join our community by using our services and spreading the word. currently has 1,504,006 spammers listed in it's database, with more being added daily.

Protect Yourself Download As CSV

Download As CSV

As requested we have recently added what we think is the best new feature ever. You can now protect yourself, and your organization using our free Spam database downloadable in .csv format. now provides a free Spam Blacklist that is updated hourly and powered by people from all over the world. Download the spam ip blacklist .CSV (also updated hourly) and use it to power your own filtering application or hardware. Visit Here for details and integation instructions.

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Want to help us in the fight against spam? You might be able to help more than you realise. By simply integrating our "HoneyPot" solution you can boost the number of spammers caught daily by tens or even hundreds. All you have to do is choose a buttong and copy the pregenerated html tag into your webpage, blog, or social site of choice. What are you waiting on GRAB A BUTTON TODAY!!!