Botnet Detection & Botnet Removal

Botnet Detection

Botnet Overview

For those of you who have not heard a botnet is a network of bots that is controlled by a botmaster. I know this sounds far fetched to say the least. These BotNets are big business. Botmasters can demand huge ransoms, and if you don't pay they can take your server down using D.O.S. attacks.

Trend Micro's RUBotted is a great free tool for the job. It does a quick review of your system and can tell you the status of your computer. Download RUBotted here. This app works on Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. You must also have 250MB of free hard drive space available, which is really no biggie.

DOS Attack

Botnet Removal

If you've not already downloaded Rubotted Download it here.

Run that or one of the programs below to safely remove yourself from the botnet.

Once you are clean, you need to stay clean. This means not downloading crazy or random programs from the internet. Also make sure to run scans at the very least weekly on your computer and if you are a network admin your network. If you are not the network admin please bring up the subject and if you want forward him/her this page as a reference.

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