Spam Blacklist .CSV Updated hourly 1,469,962 Spammers

About provides a free Spam Blacklist that is updated hourly and powered by people from all over the world. Download the spam ip blacklist .CSV (also updated hourly) and use it to power your own filtering application or hardware.

You can even automate the process if you want to. The format for the hourly download is the following. spam-ip.com_12-22-2014.csv in PHP that would be
spam-ip.com_<? echo date("m-d-Y"); ?>.csv

So if I wanted to download the file for today I would try to download the file

The .csv files are generated a few times daily, this insures you are getting the most up to date content as possible. If you use our service please link to us on your site somewhere. Thanks!

We just ask that you help support the site in some form. You can do that by grabbing a Spam HoneyPot button or by writing a blog post or page about our project. Please spread the word, and of course continue to Turn In Spammers!

Download Todays .CSV File Here
BlackList Check Premium! Premium is currently a free resource but we may be going "premium" pretty soon. The search and other resources would remain 100% free, but the ability to browse and download may be moved to premium only.

If you currently use our service to power your application(s) as many of you do contact us at remove [at] and let's start a dialogue, thanks!